Our connections

Hope Community Church is just one expression of God’s big church family!



We are part of the Basingstoke Community Churches and Salt & Light Ministries family.

Basingstoke Community Churches is a family of churches across Basingstoke and the surrounding area. We love God, we love each other and we love our town. Having grown from a single church into multiple expressions in different locations, we all share a common history, vision and oversight.


Salt and Light is a family of churches together on mission. In the 1980s, a number of like-minded leaders from the emerging charismatic movement gathered for friendship and training around Barney Coombs, BCC’s founding pastor. During the last thirty-odd years, hundreds of other leaders and ministries have felt joined in heart to this group, and today Salt and Light is a network of leaders and churches that has spread to Africa, Asia, Europe, India and the American continent.


In Basingstoke we are part of One Church and a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

OneChurch Basingstoke supports the local churches by:

  • encouraging relationships between churches and leaders

  • coordinating fellowship between churches and leaders

  • providing information about what is going on in other local churches

  • building relationships with the local authority of Basingstoke and Deane

  • supporting Christian ministries within the town

We love partnering with them and other churches across the city. We believe its is through our unity together with others that we will see God’s Kingdom built in Basingstoke.


The Evangelical Alliance exists to unite the UK Church mission and in voice. There are thousands of churches and organisations who are part of the EA, all sharing the same basis of faith which you can read on their website. We love sharing this common ground  with others and being united in this nationwide network.


We also have overseas Partners:

Even though we live in Basingstoke, we also know that God is passionate about the whole world. Therefore, some of us get involved with people and projects and other activities overseas. We may not all travel to distant lands, but at Hope we encourage everyone to have a big heart for these activities, because God does! Some of current overseas partnerships include:

  • The Apostolic Church, Caslav, Czech Republic 

  • Church, Nashik, India 

  • Na Bashkoi Jesuz (Jesus brought us together), Elbasan, Albania