generous giving


it’s from the heart

We rely upon the regular generosity and faithfulness of our people to fund the many activities of Hope Community Church. We believe that such generosity and faithfulness reflects the heart of the God we love and serve, who has given his very best for us and continues to pour out his blessing on our lives day by day. Our aim is to live generously involving the sacrificial giving of our time, service, hospitality as well as finance.

Our practice is to encourage people to give a portion of their income, i.e. a ‘tithe’, to the work in which the church is engaged. This is done on a regular basis as part of our worship together. It facilitates participation in the shared life and vision of the church. In addition, from time to time there are offerings for specific needs and projects and over the years many have given generously on such occasions.

Hope Community Church is part of Basingstoke Community Churches, which is a registered charity and has to align its finances behind the aims of the charity. These aims are: to advance the Christian faith, to help those in need and hardship and to be a blessing to the community in which we live. Our accounts are audited each year to ensure full compliance with these aims and with governing law.