The Bible is full of amazing stories of ordinary people who did extraordinary things! That’s because they encountered a supernatural God. Over the next few months, we are going to look at some of these to discover what went on. Who were they? Where did they live? What did God say to them? How did they respond? What was the outcome? What principles can we learn and how can we apply them to help us live as faithful, obedient and confident Christians today? Please join us as we take a walk down God’s Hall of Fame...


6  God’s Hall of Fame: Introduction - starting with bacon butties!

13  God’s Hall of Fame: Noah

20  Baptisms

27  Wider Family, Wider Vision (Basingstoke Community Churches Core Team)


3  HOPE Youth taking the morning

10  God’s Hall of Fame: Abraham (4-6pm with light tea together)

17  God’s Hall of Fame: Isaac

24  God’s Hall of Fame: Jacob


3  Ngwiza Mnkandla (Guest Speaker)

10  God’s Hall of Fame: Joseph

17  Open Space (Simon & Gaynor Shaw from The Source, Derby)

24  Gareth Davis from CARE (Guest Speaker)

31  Mother’s Day: Honouring our Wonder Women


7  God’s Hall of Fame: Moses

14  Palm Sunday

21  Easter Sunday

28  God’s Hall of Fame: Joshua

All gathering are at The Sarum Hill Centre at 10:30am unless stated.